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Instructions on how to upload pictures, place orders and costs. 

Each doll costs $175 dollars plus shipping. On our FAQ page you will find average shipping costs around the world. If you send us a message we can tell you exactly how much shipping will be. 

THE ORDER PROCESS - Fill out the order form on this page and upload your pictures. We will confirm we have received your order and inform you how much the shipping will be. It takes one day to process your order and 4-5 days to create your doll. We will send you pictures of it before it is hardened so you will have an opportunity to change any part of it you are not happy with. After this it will hardened and shipped to you. We will send you the tracking information as soon as it is generated. 

Video On How To Send Us Your Pictures 

Please send us at least three pictures. One straight on and close up headshot. One fully body shot with the posture you want the doll to have. The third picture does not have to be you but it should show the clothing that you want the doll to have. 

Use This Form To Order Your Doll
Examples On How To Upload Your Pictures 

Here is a three in one example of the finished doll and the two pictures the customer sent us. When you submit your order please tell us what posture the doll should have and if you want any other accessories such as the flight bag in this picture.  There is an additional charge for accessories. 

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