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All our dolls are custom made to order and are hand crafted in our store here in Shanghai. We take pride in our work and our staff so please feel free to ask any questions you like about our product and company. 

Where We Do It 

We hand craft individual customized portrait dolls for you and your fiends. We specialize in in airline crew and uniforms for the dolls. You send us pictures of you or someone else if it's a gift and we hand carve the doll, show you it too make sure your happy with it and then bake it until it hardens. We then ship the finished product from our shop in Shanghai to you wherever you are in this small world. 

What We Do and How 
Our Story

China Dollz was born at the beginning of 2018 in Shanghai. As a commercial airline pilot and avid photographer I have spent many hours wondering the back streets of Shanghai and finding all kinds of unusual and interesting things. A year passed before I tried my hand at actually carving one of these dolls and I found it to be quit the challenge. After making several of these dolls a lot of friends started asking me if I would make men for them including there pets which led to the beginning of my shop. 

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